usan Green creates a line of one of a kind and limited edition jewelry sought by many of the country’s finest stores, galleries, and collectors of contemporary crafts. Her pieces are distinctive and recognizable for their high level of artisanship, beautiful colorations and unusual materials. Susan translates ethnic influences and images from nature into elegant, contemporary shapes for a sophisticated expression. Her jewelry is designed to compliment the form and movement of the body. There is a feeling of magic and adornment in her work, which communicates a sense of pleasure to the wearer.

photo: Athi-Mara Magadi

Each Susan Green necklace features her signature fiber-wrapping technique, which combines hand-dyed silk and rayon cords with antique and metallic threads and ribbons to create a smooth and subtly colored surface, which feels wonderful against the skin. Many necklaces use her unique, handcrafted silver and bronze closures, which harmonize with the colors of the piece through original surface treatments. The necklaces are beaded with the highest attention to detail, fall and flow, whether the look is simple and graphic or elaborately elegant. Susan uses rare beads from around the world including antique Czech glass, Austrian crystal, Tibetan copper and brass, and African silver. Susan is drawn to natural materials such as bone, horn, wood, coral, amber and stone. She enjoys using unusual, natural pearls, as well as precious and semi-precious jewels such as iolite, sapphire, carnelian, citrine and turquoise. Some necklaces feature a powerful ethnographic element such as a Tuareg amulet, Moroccan fibula or Ethiopian cross.

Because of her highly refined sense of color and texture, Susan is called upon to match and accent the work of many clothing designers each season, including Catherine Bacon, Zonda Nellis, Teri and Carter Smith, Mary Jane Sarvis, Ann McKenna and Lea Ditson. She enjoys creating pieces that harmonize in color and proportion to achieve a total concept.

Susan Green Jewelry has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Essence, Town and Country, Esquire, Interview, Bergdorf Goodman Magazine, Ornament, American Craft, San Francisco Magazine, Focus, People, California Living, Image, and the New York Times. Her work is carried by many fine stores, including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Dreamweaver in Sarasota and Martha’s Vineyard, The Rafael’s in San Francisco, Zonda Nellis in Vancouver, and "Also" Eileen Coyne in London.

photo: Athi-Mara Magadi

Susan Green grew up in the Rocky Mountains and received a B.A. in Art with an emphasis on design and printmaking from Brigham Young University. She relocated to California where she began creating jewelry in 1974, selling her first collections to Obiko in San Francisco, the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles and Henri Bendel in New York. As her business grew, she trained a growing atelier of skilled craftspeople and built a large collection of beads, fibers, and objects from around the world for use in her work. In 1989, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her family. Susan now works from her beautiful adobe studio in Santa Fe's Railyard Arts District. A highly skilled group of artisans work with her in the continuing creation of her unique jewelry.